We are very jet lagged. But we are both back in Cambodia. Stay tuned- photos and updates to follow.

Update: Well I had hoped to post a few photos and some stories, but last night I lost my camera. I really don’t know what happened because it was there last night. It’s too bad because there were lots of great photos on it- really!

So on with the photoless blog… Italy was very very hot. Much hotter than Cambodia- by the end of the week I was looking forward to getting back to the rainy season. We spent the week packing up our things and saying goodbye to Cristiana’s Friends and family. But we managed to have some fun as well. Cristiana’s dad has a little boat, so on the second day we went out into the Mediterranean Sea for a little fishing trip. The water was so blue and looked so good we couldn’t help but jump in. But did catch a few fish as well.

We also got to see a little more of the region when Cristiana took me to the town of Lecce. It always amazes me when you go to a town in Italy and a Roman amphitheatre is in the middle of the town square! We had a traditional Lecce dinner a dish that was a combination of boiled and fried pasta with chick-peas in a light sauce. yummmm…. Lecce also has wonderful Renaissance buildings and narrow streets wandering though the old city. The roads lead to a square where ‘the tower of two seas’ is located. Here if you climb to the top on a clear day you can see the Ionic and the Adriatic seas…. I have a great photo of the tower, if only I could find the camera…..